Hawkesbury Bushwalks
Hawkesbury National Parks

The Hawkesbury is one of the few places on earth that is lucky enough to be part of and be surrounded by 7 National Parks. National Parks as everyone knows provide a variety of recreational pursuits. National Parks offer opportunities for bushwalking, rock-climbing, canyoning, cycling, canoeing, picnicking, camping and of-course bird watching.

blue mountains hawkesbury bushwalks

The Hawkesbury is situated amongst the famous Wollemi and Blue Mountains National Parks, as well as many others. It is rare to find an area that has so many National Parks within its vicinity.

Consequently bushwalking is a very popular activity, and our walks range from an easy stroll up to serious trekking. The views you will encounter while you are walking are nothing short of breathtaking.

Our National Parks also have caves to explore, rocks to climb, canyons to conquer, rivers to cross, flora and fauna in abundance, historic sites, heaps of birdlife, and so much more. In short, they are places you just want to keep coming back to as you will find a peace and serenity you won’t find anywhere else.

hawkesbury bushwalks

For details of Hawkesbury's most popular Bushwalks click here or visit the Visitors Information Centre located at Clarendon, (opposite the RAAF).

When bushwalking always carry water with you, wear suitable clothing and shoes, as a well as sunscreen.

For you own health and safety it is advisable to always let someone know what your bushwalking plans are.

For information about The Old Great North Road walks (The Convict Trail Project) click here.

Listed below are our National and Regional Parks you will find in and
around The Hawkesbury.
  • Blue Mountains National Park
  • Cattai National Park
  • Dhurag National Park
  • Marramarra National Park
  • Scheyville National Park
  • Wollemi National Park
  • Yengo National Park
  • Agnes Banks Nature Reserve
  • Castlereagh Nature Reserve
  • Parr State Conservation Area
  • Windsor Downs Nature Reserve
  • Yarramundi Reserve
  • Yellomundee Regional Park

    For more information on National Parks click here

the wollemi pine

The Wollemi National Park, being the second largest conservation reserve in NSW, covers an area over 487,500 hectares (200,000 hectares of this is the largest remaining wilderness area in NSW). The Hawkesbury has the privilege of being part of this World Heritage area.

The word “Wollemi” is derived from an aboriginal word meaning “watch out” or “look around you”.

The famous Wollemi Pine, a “living fossil”, was discovered in 1994. The Pine belongs to a new genus of plants previously known only as fossils and dates back some 150 million years to the dinosaur age, as such this discovery is particularly significant. The Wollemi Pine (wollemia nobilis) is a conifer and grows to a height of 35 metres with a trunk diameter of over one metre.

It is against the law to approach the Pines and as such the location is Australia’s best kept secret. If you would like to see a Wollemi Pine, you will find a display at Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens, Bells Line of Road Mt. Tomah (02) 4567 2154.

Through successful propagation it is also now possible to purchase your very own Wollemi Pine at selected nurseries.

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